Aged and poached Jidori egg, truffle coulis, toasted brioche, koji


truffle nage'


100g celery root brunoise 

20g celery brunoise

15g Benton's bacon brunoise

5g shallot  brunoise

5 g fresh truffle trim hache'd 

3  g Arbequina olive oil 

2g verjus 

2g truffle honey as well in the nage’



Sweat shallot, celery, celery root in olive oil until tender, deglaze with verjus blanc and add truffle peels and shavings, cook with cartouche and reserve.


Truffle coulis:

100g truffle peels

100g truffle juice

100g yukon gold potato

1g xanthan gum


(sous vide 64c 2hr, then blend and pass, season with sea salt and truffle oil)


Toasted brioche:

50g clarified butter

100 g brioche cut into 1'' rounds


Cured and poached Jidori egg

1 ea jidori egg aged for 36 hours in shio koji

 Method, sous vide 176 for 12 mins and then peel, set aside in truffle oil


Parmesan foam:

500g parmesan

880g heavy cream 

5 g Egg Koji mixture

2 Isi charger

1 leaf gold gelatin 

.05g xanthan gum 

.05 g chinese long pepper 



Bag items and sous vide 2 hours at 142, chill, charge 2x 


To assemble: 

Spoon a small mixtu of the nage into the bowl, then add the brioche, then the egg. sprinkle with truffle salt and cover with parmesan foam, fresh herbs and fresh truffle.