Assorted Mini Quiches

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Assorted Mini Quiches:  3 flavors: - Cheese - Tomatoes - Onions

  • Ingredients:* mini quiche with cheese: wheat flour, water, cheeses (emmental cheese [milk, salt, lactics ferments, microbial rennet], beaufort cheese [cow raw milk, salt, lactic starters, rennet], cantal cheese [pasteurized cow's milk, salt, lactic and maturing fermentation, rennet, potato starch]), butter, creme fraîche, free-range eggs, sauce mix (lactose, milk proteins, modified starch, rice starch, skim milk powder), chives, modified starch, salt, nutmeg, lactic culture. * mini quiche with tomatoes: tomato sauce (tomato, acid: citric acid), wheat flour, tomato preparation (semi-dried cherry tomatoes, rapeseed oil, tomato concentrate, sugar, salt, garlic, parsley, chives, basil, concentrated lemon juice, basil flavor), butter, mozzarella cheese, emmental cheese (milk, salt, lactic ferments, microbial rennet), water, free-range eggs, basil, salt, potato starch. *mini quiches with onions: onions (onions, sunflower oil, antioxidants :citric acid, ascorbic acid), wheat flour, butter, water, free-range eggs, creme fraîche, emmental cheese (milk, salt, lactic ferments, microbial rennet), salt, modified starch, pepper, nutmeg, lactic culture
  • Individual Net Weight: .71 oz
  • Pack Size: 1/40 pc

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