Baby Eels - Frozen Angulas

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  • These eels are delicate and can be served in various ways. Valuable for their flavor, they are eaten simply, with some good olive oil and fresh garlic.
  • It is known as the “caviar of northern Spain.” It is a true Spanish delicacy.                                           
  • It's recommended to eat these miniature eels with a wooden fork, rather than a metal one, to help prevent any change or dilution in flavor. 

Net Weight-5.3oz per pack

Made from baby eels, one of Spain’s most expensive foods, La Gulas de Aguinaga is a high- quality, natural baby eel surimi product. Enjoy real angulas flavor in a convenient and tasty way with this quality fish surimi. You can use it in a thousand different ways, from the main dish to a topping that enrich your favorite recipes. 100% Natural.

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