Black Autumn |Burgundy | Uncinatum Truffles

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DR Delicacy’s Black Autumn Truffle - Burgundy one of our best products in the store. They are imported from France , Italy and/or Spain. You can find Autumn Truffle from October through December.

Their sweet and nutty flavor is more distinct than summer truffle and will wow the guests at every time. To provide the best taste, we only carry top qualify truffles for our clientele.

Les faits

  • Truffle species: Tuber Uncinatum, also known as Burgundy truffle
  • Sweet and nutty somewhat with hazelnut-like aroma yield a much pungent taste than summer truffles.
  • Store in the cool, dry area
  • Priced by ounce

Cooking/ Serving

  • Serve with butter spreads or oiled bruschetta as an appetizer.
  • Thinly slice the fresh truffles and garnish in pasta or rice
  • Use truffle slices over the meat already cooked or put the meat with the truffle sauce

*Wholesale Pricing Also Available

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