Black Truffles: Winter Black or Perigord

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DR Delicacy’s winter black truffles have the best quality imported from France, Spain and Italy. We take pride in our winter truffles as they are the product that started DR Delicacy. When our CEO & Founder Diane Roederer hunted truffles for the first time, she knew she had found something incredible to share. This winter truffle is the most exquisite, the highest quality of all truffle species that every chef is waiting for its season to come.

Let's go on a Truffle Hunt in Spain... 

Les faits

  • Species: Tuber melanosporum
  • The most pungent truffle species among other season
  • Slightly garlicky scent with the unique, strong nutty and earthy flavor
  • Limited season only: Approx. December - March
  • Product Origin will depend on Season: France, Italy or Spain
  • Store in the cool, dry area
  • Priced by ounce

Cooking/ Serving

  • Truffles should not be cooked, they are like a finishing salt at the end before serving to keep their aroma, just the steam of your food will warm up the truffle making it release all its aroma!
  • Best with rice, eggs and pasta, but no limits to your creativity, on carpaccio, deviled eggs, steak, soups, mashed potatoes...
  • if you have unused black truffles, no worries, slice them and freeze them for later, no problem

Watch Executive Chef Danny Trace preparing his famous pasta with black Truffles! 


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