Gourmet Gifts for Christmas

Gourmet Gifts for Christmas

March 27, 2020

Here come the winter holidays. The fever of preparations catches us a little more every day. We wonder how to decorate our house, what gifts to make, what to prepare for Christmas dinner and whom to invite, and last but not least how to spend the holidays. A lot of thought and an even greater variety of choices are around.

The streets are filled with lights, ornaments on windows, enticing offers, attractive colors, and Christmas gift ideas.

In some regions, the whole landscape will be matched with snowflakes that fall from the sky over the grey streets and hasty passers-by. And if we are not in a region where snow is a winter privilege, the Christmas tree will bring us the right atmosphere to enjoy the holidays.

Christmas Carols are heard from an open window or from a car radio on the way to the office or shopping.

Everyone is preparing for the big Christmas holiday followed by the New Year’s Eve and a new beginning, new plans, new dreams, and hopes!

But to get ready for the Holidays you have to make many preparations. I will skip the lists numbered, bulleted or highlighted on what to do and how to prepare for Christmas. There is an abundance of them all over the internet. I want to stop only to some more sophisticated gift ideas.

And I will talk about delicacies. I will skip gloves, caps, fancy globes or decorations and jewelry, perfumes and tickets to exotic destinations and write about gourmet Christmas gifts. What do you think? Agree?

If so, let’s start!

So, what do you put in a Christmas gift basket?

Here are some ideas: fine, special products, which you enjoy yourself while sipping on wines or a cocktail, with friends on a special occasion like Christmas to New Year’s Eve.

We all like to receive a special gift, something that delights our palet, defines us, our personality and, why not, our status. Just think of what the person likes to eat, and you will find something for him/her at

For Fresh Truffle fans you may pamper them with Black truffles – Winter Black or Périgord from France and/or Spain - or White truffles from Italy. Also, you may choose some Black Truffle Pearls - Perfect for the truffle connoisseur. These pearls are bold in taste & totally unique.

You can complete your truffle gift with a convenient truffle brush and a truffle knife and enclosed your truffle in a truffle container to conserve it longer in your refrigerator.

Or you may choose a Truffle Slicer Board & Display Case. Both are very good ideas for a surprise truffle pack.

Somebody may ask: Is chocolate a good Christmas gift?

Wow! Have you said chocolate? Who doesn’t like chocolate? For someone who likes some exquisite dessert, I strongly recommend our Black Diamond Chocolate Truffle. This one of a kind creation for the connoisseurs combines precious fresh winter truffles with chocolate to become a subtle Truffle Truffle: made out of luscious Dark Chocolate ganache infused with pure truffle, layered with pieces of Fresh Truffles, truffle honey and enrobed in black lava sea salt. It is Heaven in your mouth.

Another sweet specialty is White Truffle Texas Wildflower Honey. It is a special ingredient to be used also in some recipes like Cheesecake with White Truffle Honey if not tasted just like it is. It is a mix of raw Texas wildflower honey with an all-natural white truffle aroma and a slice of summer truffle. What a delight! To not forget on your cheese board, or simply on a piece of bread or on some bruschetta with goat cheese and truffle honey…

Another festive dish for the End of the year is caviar we carry them all from smoked trout to White Sturgeon, Siberian, Russian Osetra to Kaluga.

It is well known that a metal spoon is not a choice for serving caviar, altering the taste. Besides this spoon has a multi-colored effect and glistening under the light. So, to the caviar, you may add a set of mother of pearl spoons and a crystal caviar bowl.

The bowl, with its bottom filled with ice and caviar on the stemless glass, offers the perfect chilled caviar at any time. Also, it may be used as a martini chiller. Good to know!

For smoked salmon, I would recommend a whole wheat cocktail toast or any kind of bread, a baguette with some butter or crème fresh for an easy and perfect appetizer. One tip, you can freeze the smoked salmon after you are done in small portion for another day, it will keep its moisture and delicate taste.

Here you may add a bottle of Griottines Morello Cherries in Kirsch Liquor. Or Grey Mullet Bottarga paired with a Sauvignon Blanc Italian or Spanish or more challenging with a glass of red wine.

So, there are plenty of products to choose from DRDelicacy. Our concierges are here to assist you to find the perfect pairing for you!

Happy Holidays!