Candied Chestnuts (Marrons Glaces), 8 pc Wooden Box

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Marron-Quality Chestnuts
Corsiglia uses only Castanea Sativa, a single crop of large Marron-quality chestnuts from two regions of Italy, Turin and Naples, for their Marron Glaces. These are more prized than the average chestnuts as they have a lower yield and unique flavor and minerals thanks the Mediterranean climate in which they were grown in. Chestnuts are one of the hardest and most complex fruit to candy; Corsiglia uses 2kg of raw chestnuts to make 1kg of candied chestnuts.

The Artisanal Process
The French tradition of preparing Marrons Glaces requires boiling and seeping the chestnuts in a syrup made with cane sugar, wheat glucose and Bourbon vanilla beans for 7 to 10 days. Corsiglia wraps them in tulle muslin 2 by 2 to prevent excess absorption of sugar and to keep the fruit whole, a careful process that many industrial brands do not adopt to save on quantity and labor. Then the chestnuts are drained and glazed with a thin layer of sugar icing before they are dried in the oven. Corsiglia uses only 4g of sugar to candy the fruit to maintain the softness of its core while others like to coat the fruit with more sugar to achieve a " bigger size".

How to Enjoy a Marron Glace
Each box comes with vacuum-packed Marrons Glaces to allow for a longer shelf life. They also wrapped each Marron Glace in elegant gold foil and placed a base card underneath so that consumers do not have to touch the product to eat it.

There are two ways to eat a Marron Glace. The first is use the card as a tray and bring it to the mouth to enjoy. The other is to carefully peel it open with the fingers to eat. Never cut the the fruit!

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