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Chestnuts Paste description:

This chestnut paste is a thick concentrate preparation designed for use in pastry.
To smoothen the solid texture, work the paste with a whisk or beater and combine with whipped cream or beaten egg whites for a delicious, light chestnut preparation.

Chestnuts Spread 17.6 oz. description:

Chestnuts - Cream of Marrons - Spread - 17.6 oz/500 gr by Sabaton, France.

Pureed Chestnuts, Sugar, Candied Chestnuts, Glucose Syrop, Vanilla Extract


Chestnut Paste, Sweetened - 60%

This scrumptious sweetened chestnut paste is prepared by Nutley Farms using fresh chestnuts sourced from France. Natural chestnuts make up 60% of this rich paste, which are slowly cooked with water, sugar and vanilla extract before being processed to create this magnificent, slightly gritty spread.


Chestnut Preserves

These Whole Candied Chestnuts in Syrup can be eaten as is or served alongside ice cream and dessert! Sweetly delicious, these Chestnuts are perfect for anyone who loves French Chestnuts!

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