Grey Mullet Bottarga

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A delicacy of cured Grey Mullet Roe. This product is natural, without preservatives, and has a high nutritional value and a pleasant long-lasting finish. Standardized production techniques properly balance the salting and drying processes to deliver higher moisture and lower sodium in the final product. Finally, it is coated with natural bee’s wax which sufficiently preserves the product, and its delicate taste during its shelf life, despite the low sodium content. To easily remove the protective wax, leave the Bottarga outside of the refrigerator for at least one hour before you cut it with a sharp knife. Keep the remaining Bottarga in the drawer of the refrigerator, covering the exposed part with cling film. The Bottarga should be consumed within 30 days. Due to temperature sensitivity, we specialty ship our bottarga to hold the utmost quality.

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