Griottines Morello Cherries in Kirsch Liquor

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DR Delicacy’s  Griottines are made from pitted, wild cherries that are processed in a secret liqueur recipe steeping them in aromatic flavors that are both savory & sweet; perfect for any palate.  These unique Morello cherries are only found in the German Balkans.



Les faits

  • Wild Morello cherries soaked in liqueur including Kirsch, a German fruit brandy.
  • The Griottine liqueur recipe is a secret & world revered for its coveted flavor.
  • Cherries are hand-picked and processed within 6 hours to preserve freshness.
  • Griottines are then aged for 6 months.
  • Cherry pits are removed.
  • Morello cherries are rich in antioxidants & considered a superfruit.
  • Delectable as an aperitif, in cocktails or over your favorite ice cream.
  • Product of France
  • Package size 500g (1.1lb)


Cooking/ Serving



  • 53% Morello cherries
  • Sugar
  • 40% alcohol by volume including Kircsch