Kaluga Caviar

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DR Delicacy’s Royal Osetra Caviar is the most prized and sustainable Caviar in the world harvested from the Osetra sturgeon.  The large, firm pearls have a unique nutty flavor that appeals to the Caviar buff as well as the Caviar newcomer.

Les faits

  • The most prized Caviar in the world obtained from the Osetra sturgeon.
  • The large, firm pearls yield a smooth, nutty flavor.
  • Osetra Caviar varies in color from deep brown to gold.
  • The unopened shelf life is 8 weeks.
  • Refrigerate after opening up to 4 days.
  • Osetra is the most sustainable Caviar available.
  • Product of Russia
  • Due to temperature sensitivity, we specialty ship our Caviar to hold the utmost quality.

Cooking/ Serving

  • Serve with blinis, chives, and other accouterments.
  • Do not use silverware as Caviar will absorb its metallic flavor.
  • Use mother of pearl or ivory spoons.
  • Serve Caviar ice cold.
  • Vodka is a more traditional pairing than Champagne due to its antiseptic palette cleansing nature.
  • If choosing Champagne, pick a dry varietal.
  • When eating Caviar by itself, taste with the tongue and avoiding chewing so not to lose any flavor.


  • Sturgeon (a hybrid of Huso Dauricus and the Acipenser Schrenckii) eggs
  • Sea salt

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