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Dried Truffle Slices & Powder

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$9.99 - $39.99




This is Dr Delicacy’s Signature Item. Truffles Slices and Truffle Powder are a great alternative when fresh truffles are out of season. It is always nice to have some truffles in your Pantry!

We also carry sliced truffles called chips. Slices

 Truffle Slices & Chips

  • Winter, Summer and Autumn truffle slices/chips are available.
  • The chips are thicker than the slices.
  • The Truffle slices are cut to perfection and excellent for garnish
  • These can be used the same way you would use fresh truffles.
  • They come in a 1 oz sealed bag
  • The product is freeze-dried so you just need to rehydrate them with truffle juice or cold water to bring them back to life.

Truffle Powder(dust)

  • Winter, Summer, and white Truffle Powder are available
  • Can be sprinkled on top of any food from sauce to ice cream
  • They come in a 1 oz sealed bag

Keep them in your pantry, in a dry place and seal the bag after use.

NET Wt. 1oz.


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