Extra Virgin Olive Oil from France

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Nicolas Alziari Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a refined extra-virgin olive oil praised for its delicate nutty flavor and lush body. This olive oil is the connoisseur of fine virgin olive oils exceptionally crafter at Moulin Alzari, a historic mill in France. The traditional technique of crafting this Nicolas Alziari Extra Virgin Oil is a traditional technique that originated almost 2000 years ago in a historic mill in Nice, France. The method involved cold pressing a custom blend of the finest quality ripe Mediterranean black olives within 12 hours after harvesting. This technique yields a full-bodied, velvety oil with delicate overtones of almonds and hazelnuts. 

This bottle of Nicolas Alziari Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains 33.8 fluid ounces of oil, ideal for drizzling and dipping over salads and any meals. With its high smoke point, you can use this extra virgin oil for cooking all kinds of meals. Established in France in 1868, Nicolas Alziari brings exceptionally unique and high-quality premium olive oils from Nice PDO and organically-grown oils.

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