Nobu 2023 Truffle Masters 1st place winner recipe



Parmesan Black Truffle Rice

1000 g Rice Washed
1175 g Parmesan Dashi*  
400 g Parmesan Grated in food processor
1 g Black Pepper Fresh Ground
10 g Salt  
100 g Black Winter Truffles Rough Chop



1.) In a large pot add Rice, 100g of Parmesan and Dashi. Heat until just about to simmer and then cover with a lid. Set heat to low and cook covered for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, turn off heat and rest for another 10 minutes. Once rested. Rice will be cooked. make sure to fluff.
2.) Lay rice out in a bowl. Add Black Truffles and Mix. Using a fan, fan the rice and cool down enough to handle.
3.) When rice has cooled down enough to handle add the remaining 300g of the parmesan and mix. Allow everything to cool even further.
4.) When cool, add 200g of the Truffle Rice Mixture to a battera sushi press and apply even pressure on top. Lay these pressed Rice bricks on a tray and chill in a cooler until cold. about 1 hour.
5.) When cool, cut down the center length wise and accross dividing into 12 pieces of evenly cut cubes. Store in a container carefully spaced.


Parmesan Dashi


12 Lt Water Purified
454 g Hana Kastuo Bushi Bontio Flakes
160 g Kombu  
1200 g Parmesan Rind  
70 g Hataka Shio Japanese Sea Salt
200 g Sake  
150 g Kuzu Slurry Arrowroot



1.) Soak Kombu overnight in the 12Lt of Water.

2.) Next, transfer the Kombu and Water to a large pot and heat to 175°F and maintain this heat for 30min.
3.) Then remove Kombu and add the Hana Kastuo Bushi. Increase the temperature to 190°F and maintain for 15 minutes.
4.) Strain the Katsuo Bushi and add liquid back to a pot with the Parmesan Rind.
5.) Cook at 195°F for 1 hour.
6.) After Rind is cooked, strain liquid and add back to a pot.
7.) Now add the Salt, Sake and slowly mix in the Kuzu Slurry. Bring to a simmer and cook for 2 minutes to hydrate the starch.
8.) You can now serve right away or cool to 70°F within 2 hour and from 70°F to 40°F within 4 hours, store and label.


A5 Wagyu Prociutto

700 g A5 Wagyu Rib Cap  
225 g Maldon Sea Salt  
75 g Sansho Pepper  



1.) Trim the Wagyu of any excess fat and sinew and cut into 1" x 1" bars.
2.) Mix the Salt and Pepper together and evenly coat the Wagyu bars with a generouse layer of the mix.
3.) Place on a rack in a well ventilated area in a refrigerator or walk-in cooler and allow to age for 3 months.
4.) When properly aged, remove any excess salt and wipe clean with a damp towel.
5.) Using a knife or meat slicer to cut very thin before serving.