Caspian Baerii 000

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DR Delicacy’s Caspian Baerii 000 Caviar is imported from the Caspian Sea. Sustainably farmed Russian caviar from the A. baerii species of sturgeon, Caspian Baerii 000 Caviar gives a clear mind to enjoy caviar. These dark, medium pearls taste a smooth and nutty taste.

Les faits

  • Closest one to the traditional wild Caspian caviar
  • Eco-sustainable and earth-friendly selection of caviar.
  • Medium, dark-grey pearls yield a smooth and nutty, somewhat like hazelnut flavor
  • Refrigerate after opening up to 4 days.
  • Due to temperature sensitivity, we specialty shop our Caviar to hold the utmost quality.

Cooking/ Serving

  • Serve with blinis, chives, and other accouterments.
  • Do not use silverware as Caviar will absorb its metallic flavor.
  • Use mother of pearl or ivory spoons.
  • Serve Caviar ice cold.
  • Vodka is a more traditional pairing than champagne due to its antiseptic palette cleansing nature.
  • If choosing Champagne, pick a dry varietal.
  • When eating Caviar by itself, taste with the tongue and avoiding chewing so not as to lose any flavor.


  • Fish Roe
  • Sea salt

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