Russian Osetra Karat Imperial Gold

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  • Russian Osetra Karat Caviar (malossol black caviar) is harvested from the fish raised on the best fishery in Israel where the fingerlings imported from Caspian Sea are bred in the surrounding that absolutely corresponds and even exceeds their natural areal.

    Marky's is now the sole and exclusive importer of the world's famous Karat Caviar that is highly praised worldwide for its pure and rich 'nutty' flavor. The 'Malossol' way of preservation allows to emphasizes the lingering creamy finish of this 100% Pure Russian Osetra Caviar. Thanks to ideal conditions of osetras life the beads are firm and their size ranges from medium to large. The fish eggs ar of golden color with slightly brown hue.

    Karat Russian Osetra, Gold characteristics:

    • Farmed-raised
    • Israel
    • Bright light golden to golden olive color pearls, with hints of brown
    • Firm, medium to large size beads
    • Rich nutty flavor
    • Sweet, hints of sea salt
    • Lingering creamy finish
    • Best served alone on a mother of pearl spoon
    • Drinks: champagne brut or brut rose


    Karat Russian Osetra Amber characteristics:

    • Farmed-raised
    • Israel
    • Amber brown to olive green color pearls with hints of gold and chestnut
    • Firm medium to large size beads
    • Rich flavor of roasted nuts with bold notes of sea salt
    • Elegant, yet long buttery finish
    • Perfect with crème fraiche on blini or a mother of pearl spoon
    • Drinks: champagne brut


  • Russian Osetra Karat Gold (Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii) eggs
  • Sea salt




Large to medium-size grains

Storage Type:

Only Refrigerated


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