Clarified Butter with Truffles

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Clarified Butter with Truffles

DR Delicacy’s Smooth Clarified butter has a special ingredient that any other product doesn’t contain: gourmet white truffle. With the clarified butter’s nutty and toasty flavor, the white truffle bits add the pleasant feelings.

Les faits

  • Smooth clarified butter, ghee, with 15% white truffles
  • Truffle species: Tartufi Bianchi(White Truffle)
  • The butter is clear when melted since clarified butter doesn’t’ contain the milk solids that traditional butter does.
  • Adds warmth and a sensational truffle taste to the dishes
  • Refrigerate after opening & use within 4-5 days

Cooking/ Serving

  • Use as a dipping sauce in seafood such as crab or lobster
  • Sauteing fish, vegetables to maximize the both flavor of butter and truffle.
  • Make a gourmet popcorn with Clarified butter instead of regular one

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