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Nicolas Alziari

Nicolas Alziari Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Nicolas Alziari Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Infusion Flavor

Herbes de Provence

This infused extra virgin olive oil from Nicolas Alziari adds a delicious touch to fish, meat, and poultry dishes, as well as cheese. It is infused with herbs of Provence, making it a must-have for any dish.

Pili Pili

This Nicolas Alziari Extra Virgin Olive Oil boasts a bold, exceptional flavor and powerful, calming scent. The premium olive oil is infused with thyme, bay leaf, rosemary, pepper, and sea salt, providing a unique taste that enhances dishes like pizza and flatbread.

Cuvee Pauline

Crafted from a careful mixture of early-harvested olives, this superior olive oil boasts a refined flavor profile and vibrant scents. Perfect for enhancing the taste of salads, tomatoes, and fresh vegetables.

Origin: France

Net weight: 6.8 oz.

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