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Biscuiterie de Provence

Les Croquets

Les Croquets

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Les Croquets, a type of crispy cracker from Provence, is created using natural ingredients to elevate the taste of your apéritif. These traditional crackers can also serve as delicious salad croutons. Biscuiterie de Provence, established in 1833 in a village close to Avignon, is a family-owned business that has preserved their time-tested recipes which make their biscuits stand out for their exquisite flavor.

Origin: France

Flavors: Pistou (Basil, garlic, olive oil) & Parmesan or Olives from Nyon

Ingredients: wheat flour, milk, Provence basil 17%, pistou 14% (Provence basil 46%, sunflower oil, olive oil, Parmesan 2%, pine nuts, salt, lemon juice, pepper), free range eggs, almonds 7%, Parmesan 9%, einkorn flour, sugar, salt, garlic, baking powder (wheat starch, socium bicarbonate, monopotassic tartrate)

Ingredients: wheat flour*from the Drôme, olives from Nyons 26%, whole eggs*, almonds*9%, fair trade cane sugar*, whole milk*, salt, baking powder* (wheat starch*, sodium bicarbonate, monopotassium tartrate).

Net weight: 3.2 oz.

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