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Distillerie du Perigord

Truffle Elixir

Truffle Elixir

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Take your culinary creations to the next level with ease. Simply incorporate one tablespoon of this truffle elixir towards the end of cooking, gently stir, and prepare to be amazed. It works wonders for deglazing, flambéing, and marinating fish, poultry, and meat dishes. Add a touch of truffle magic to elevate soups, purees, and risottos. Distillerie du Perigord offers an extensive range of artisanal liqueurs, including Aperitifs, Fruit Liqueurs, Culinary Specialties, Elixirs, and Whisky Lascaws. Each product is expertly crafted, representing the rich legacy of French liqueur craftsmanship.

Origin: France

Ingredients: White wine, Natural truffle flavoring, Fortified wine, Water, Salt, Alcohol, Coloring: caramel, Oleoresins of pepper, and chili pepper. *Contains sulfites

Net weight: 6.8 oz. 

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