Pure Black Winter Truffle Juice

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DR Delicacy’s Pure Black Winter Truffle Juice is imported from Italy and ready for anything from a simple dressing to a creamy pasta sauce. Use this juice as a broth in risotto or a stew, and you will have an exceptional flavor that you have never tasted before.

Les faits

  • Contains 100 % authentic, pure black winter truffle
  • Pure Black truffle juice yields a subtle yet elegant taste of black truffle to the sauce you want to add.
  • Refrigerate after opening up to 4-5 days.
  • Each jar contains 0.85oz of Pure Black Winter Truffle Juice


Cooking/ Serving

  • To make the best results, cook it slightly.
  • Use as a broth in a mushroom stew.
  • Recommend refrigerating the product after opening and use it within a week to keep its freshness.

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