Scottish Smoked Salmon Tenderloin

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Scotch Reserve Scottish Smoked Salmon Tenderloin

16.16oz, From Scotland

Scotch Reserve, is the proud winners of 49 gold medals from the UK Guild of Fine Foods’ Great Taste Awards, 14 gold medals at the Monde Selection, and a “Best Retail Product” at the Boston Seafood Show 2011. This past holiday season its gin & tonic variety topped Good Housekeeping’s list of best smoked salmon for the holidays in the UK, besting 26 other options, from supermarket private labels to luxury brands.

Scotch Reserve is hand-crafted in Scotland from premium quality fresh Scottish salmon and traditionally dry cured with a blend of sea salt and brown sugar and cold smoked over oak wood chippings. Fully trimmed by hand, 100% dark meat removed, Skinless. A good source of Omega 3.