Truffle Risotto

Truffle Risotto

Known since ancient times, truffles date back to Sumerian meals. They would eat it mixed with barley and vegetables, but it was also appreciated by Greeks, Romans and Arabs. This ascomycete mushroom is often the protagonist of the Italian cuisine, from fondue to risotto and game. Here is the recipe for truffle risotto.

Truffles Risotto


4 servings; 25 min. cook time

     Rice - Arborio 1 3/4 cups

     White truffle – 1.41 oz.

     Parmesan - grated 1/4 cup

     Meat broth - 4 1/4 cups

     Butter – 7 TBL

     Salt, Black pepper to taste


In a large saucepan, melt half of the butter. Pour in the rice and mix with butter (it must become translucent). Then pour the broth little by little, while stirring, and wait for its absorption before adding more. After about twenty minutes, the rice is cooked. Add the other half of the butter and Parmesan, and mix well. Then salt and pepper, arrange the rice on a dish and cover with thin slices of truffle. It's ready!

Advice: While cooking the risotto, it is very important not to stop stirring. To check the cooking of the rice, taste regularly after 15 minutes of cooking.

Enjoy with a glass of wine!


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