Octopus in Olive Oil

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Succulent is an evocative word, not to be used lightly. Serious contemplation, research, and conversations with customers, friends and family had to be done to be sure it was the proper adjective to use here... this octopus in olive oil is succulent. Tender, luscious pieces of pulpo prepared and packed by hand in Galicia, Spain, you'll savor every bite... so succulent

canned octopus is prepared at a seafood conservas that sits on the banks of the Ría de Vigo in Galicia in the northwest of Spain. With nearly a thousand miles of coastline dotted with fishing harbors, the region is renowned for the quality of seafood brought to shore daily by local fishermen. The daily catch determines what is prepared and packed on any given day, to assure what goes into each tin is as fresh as possible; each one is representative of a tradition that dates back more than a century.

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