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Truffle Slicers

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$27.20 - $152.39






Strong slicer with sharp stainless-steel serrated blade. Adjusting screw for a perfect cut, with thickness changing from 0, 2 and 3-mm. Easily adjustable for thick or paper-thin slices Engraved with the DR Delicacy logo, these are the epitome of elevated cuisine. Ideal for everything from slicing truffles to shaving chocolate, Parmesan cheese, and more. Additionally, each slicer has a convenient hollow area at the end of the handle for hanging. Can be used as a display piece as well.

Stainless Steel Truffle Slicer

The Cuisinart Truffle & Chocolate Slicer features stainless steel design with an adjustable blade to slice in a variety of thicknesses. Durable with a beautiful engraving.

Rosewood Truffle Slicer

This Rosewood Truffle Slicer is excellent for entertaining guests or just shaving truffles solo. It features a stainless-Steel Plate with a Rosewood Handle.

Truffle Slicer Board & Display Case

Wooden tray with DR Delicacy logo-engraved truffle slicer and glass dome for displaying a truffle.


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