Alsa Baking Powder

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Transform your home baking with Alsa baking powder (levure chimique), a staple in French pantries for generations. This powder is a single-acting leavening agent. Unlike the more common double-acting type, it creates the gas needed for leavening as soon as you mix it with liquid ingredients.

  • 8 Sachets total.
  • Product of france.

Known for its superior quality and consistent results, the Alsa baking powder is easy-to-use and sure to elevate your baking creations. Whether you’re preparing French pastries, cakes, muffins, or a loaf of bread, it ensures your baked treats rise beautifully every time.

This pack comes with eight 11g sachets, each containing the secret to fluffy, perfectly risen baked goods. One sachet contains the right amount typically needed for a standard recipe, so you can achieve perfect results without any hassle of measuring.

INGREDIENTS: Sodium diphosphates, sodium carbonates, corn starch