Angus Kachila Puri

Angus Kachila Puri

April 17, 2023

Truffle Master People's Choice dish by Chef Mayank Istwal, Executive Chef, Musaafer By The Spice Route Co.


8 ounce Black Angus beef (tenderloin) 

¼ ounce Fresh black Truffle 

10ml Truffle oil 

2 ounce chopped white onions 

½ ounce Chopped cilantro stalks 

¼ ounce crushed cilantro seeds 

½ ounce coconut milk 

¼ ounce French mustard paste 

1 lime zest 

½ lime juice

Himalayan pink salt to taste

Puri Semolina Pouch -


Finely dice the Black angus tenderloin.

Finely chop white onions and cilantro stalks.

Now mix all the ingredients together mentioned above.

Juts fill the Kachila filling in the crisp semolina pouch and enjoy. One can also substitute the crispy pouch with a crispy pita or any crisp bread or chips.