Micro Truffle Twice Baked Potatoes

Micro Truffle Twice Baked Potatoes

February 21, 2023

Recipe created by Chef Jason Kohler – Central Market Houston


Yukon Potatoes 1 lbs

Butter, unsalted 3 oz

Bacon, cooked 1 oz

Cheddar, shredded 1 oz

Gruyere, shredded 1 oz

Green Onions ½ oz

Sour Cream 1 oz

Bread Crumbs 2 oz

Garlic fresh chopped ½ ts

Salt, Pepper to taste

Truffle Mousse

Heavy Cream 1 cup

Butter, unsalted 2 oz

Gruyere Cheese, shredded 4 oz

Salt to taste

Truffle Oil 2 oz

Gelatin Dry ¼ ts


DR Delicacy Black Winter Truffle


For Filling, cook potatoes until soft, remove skins optional. 

Mash potatoes and fold in remaining ingredients.

Form into 2 oz cakes and pan sear for 4 min per side or until golden brown.

For Sauce, bring butter and cream to a gentle simmer and remove from heat.

Add shredded cheese in batches stirring constantly until all cheese is incorporated. 

Season to taste with salt. 

Add truffle oil/ While stirring aggressively, add gelatin slowly until dissolved. 

Transfer mousse to a storage container and refrigerate until set. 

Smooth out mousse with additional heavy cream to desired consistency if needed. 

Assemble and Enjoy!