Fresh Chanterelle Mushrooms

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Fresh Chanterelle Mushrooms

  • Chanterelles are some of the best-looking mushrooms in the forest, with tops that can be cup- or trumpet-shaped. They grow petite or chunky, with edible stems that can be spindly or thick. They have a shade of honey-apricot. They are ranging in colors from yellow to golden. The cap is wavy and generally funnel shaped. They have a nutty flavor with a sweet aroma.
  • They pair well with butter, duck fat and olive oil, chicken, turkey, and quail. They are excellent in pasta, risotto, pierogi.  They can also be served over rice, pickled, baked into puffs or biscuits, layered in burgers, mixed into stew or soups, or baked into a quiche.
  • Chanterelles are very sponge-like, so be careful not to waterlog them as it will be difficult to allow their best attributes to shine if they become too wet. 

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