Duck Smoked Breast

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Smoked Moulard Duck Breast

Non-Sliced - 0.7-1.1 lb/318-500 gr by Terroirs d'Antan, USA.

Juicy and flavorful, this smoked Moulard Duck Magret is a wonderful delicacy from the repertoire of French cuisine and a healthy alternative to pork or beef. What is the best part of the Magret Breast? It has a valuable layer of duck fat, which coats and infuses the meat during cooking, making it uniquely juicy and deliciously fragrant. It is alderwood smoked, fully cooked, and ready to eat.

To Serve

Perfect on Charcuterie Boards as it is ready to eat! The Magret needs to be sliced thin. Perfect on a green salad as a Salade Landaise, you can add Pine Nuts and/or a Poched Eggs, Croutons, Asparagus white or green... Make it your own creation as you have the base.

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