Raw Maine Lobster Meat

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Raw Frozen HPP Claw & Knuckle Meat (FSCK)

Frozen raw claw and knuckle meat in a vacuum sealed bag. Ingredient statement: North American lobster (Homorus Americanus). Description: Raw frozen lobster claw and knuckle meat, vacuum packaged in moisture barrier plastic bag. The bags are heat sealed, frozen and placed in a master carton.

Quality Standards: Claw and knuckle meat must be whole and undamaged. The product must be inspected to remove shell fragments and cartilage from the meat. The product may contain a small amount of shell particles and cartilage. Bags shall contain a minimum of 2 lb of meat. Bags are vacuumed and heat sealed sufficiently to leave no air pockets on the meat surface. The bag is sealed well so no air enters the package. The product must be kept frozen.

Raw Frozen HPP Tail Meat (2-3oz tails)

Frozen Shucked raw tail meat vacuum packet in platic bags. North American Lobster (Homarus Americanus).

Quality Standards: Meat quality: Whole raw tails with no broken tails. No scar tissue on meat. No shell particles. Plastic packaging must be well vacuumed so film adheres tightly to product and is sealed so no air enters.

Net  Wt. 2 lbs 

Product of the USA


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