Wild Keta Alaskan Salmon Roe

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DR Delicacy’s Salmon Roe Caviar is a premium quality, sustainable caviar made from the roe of wild-caught Alaskan salmon. The bright orange, medium-sized pearls have a fresh, briny taste with a slightly sweet finish. The texture is smooth with a satisfying pop that releases a burst of flavor in your mouth.

Product Characteristics:

  • Large, translucent orange pearls
  • Flavor: Briny, salty, and slightly sweet
  • Profile: Bold and savory, with a delicate texture
  • Texture: Soft, with a slight pop
  • Pairings: Sushi, cucumbers, blinis, toast, creme fraiche, Champagne

Salmon roe, also known as “Ikura” in Japanese cuisine, is a popular ingredient in sushi and other Japanese dishes. It can be served as a topping for sushi or on its own with soy sauce and wasabi. In Western cuisine, it pairs well with blinis, toast points, and creme fraiche. Serve with Champagne or another sparkling wine to balance the saltiness of the roe.

The shelf life is an average of 2-3 months. After opening, this caviar should be consumed within three days.

1 oz jar or upon request larger tin.

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