Salmon Caviar: Wild Keta Alaskan Salmon Roe

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DR Delicacy’s Wild Alaskan Keta Salmon Caviar, also called Keta Ikura(Japanese word for “salmon roe”) is harvested fresh and processed in Alaska using traditional Russian Methods to ensure unmatchable quality.The pearls are very large and burst with the flavor of fresh salmon with a subtle taste of sea salt.These large succulent eggs have a mild salty flavor.

DR Delicacy’s Wild Alaskan Keta Salmon Caviar is exclusively packed by Markys.

Les faits

  • Full of nutrients from top quality roe
  • Large red pearls yield a rich fresh salmon flavor with a hint of sea salt taste
  • Color of the pearls vary from red to a bright orange
  • Refrigerate after opening up to 3 days.

Cooking/ Serving

  • Put on top of the seaweed roll to make a salmon roll
  • Mix with cucumber, chives and cream cheese for an appetizer
  • Classic garnishes include white onion, chopped egg white and yolk (separately, not mixed).
  • Do not use silverware as Caviar will absorb its metallic flavor. Use mother of pearl of pearl or ivory spoons.
  • Serve Caviar ice cold 
  • When eating Caviar by itself, taste with the tongue and avoiding chewing to avoide loss of flavor.
  • Vodka is a traditional Russian pairing and accompanies caviar perfectly. The ice cold, crisp, clean flavor of vodka will bring out a distinguished taste of caviar without overpowering.
  • Bubbles & saltiness of caviar go hand in hand. If caviar is being served as part of a recipe that involves cream or butter, champagne will help clean the palette and refresh the dish. Select a classic style – vintage if possible– and avoid ‘zero dosage’ varieties, which can be too dry and acidic. Rosé complements caviar well too.


  • Salmon roe
  • Sea salt
Storage Type: 6 Months Frozen
Shelf Life Refrigerated: 2 weeks
Origin: USA

Net Wt. 2 oz.

*Wholesale Pricing Available


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