AMORA Dijon Mustard Fine & Forte Bottle

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AMORA Mustrad Fine&Forte


Amora Dijon mustard (aka fine et forte) can be found in most French kitchens, for good reason. This French grocery staple is just what you need to make a perfect vinaigrette. Mustard enthusiasts will relish the elegantly smooth texture and spicy taste of this mustard with a solid bite and great flavor made from mustard seeds, water, salt, and vinegar. Use this super sharp, creamy flavored dijon mustard for dressing salads, marinating with it, stirring into your next cheese dip, or use it for what it does the best, as a sandwich spread!

Amora is a classic French staple brand tracing its roots in Dijon, the center of French mustard-making, to 1703. The brand took off in 1934 with the marriage of new industrial techniques with respect for traditional recipes, and since then, Amora has become one of the leading mustard brands in France!