Our Story


DR Delicacy is more than just a food company, it's a story of passion, innovation, and dedication to sourcing the best ingredients for chefs and customers. Founded in 2014 by Diane Roederer, a French native, DR Delicacy began as a result of Diane's love for truffle hunting in Spain. This expedition led her to start importing truffles to Houston and distributing them to local chefs.


Starting from her garage, Diane quickly gained a reputation for sourcing high-quality products and ingredients from farmers in Europe, and her mysterious bag full of truffles became a must-have for Houston's top chefs. As the company grew, so did its offerings, expanding to include caviar and fresh mushrooms.


DR Delicacy's commitment to excellence and innovation earned it recognition from Forbes as the "Epicenter of the Caviar World" and Houston Press as one of "Houston's Best Food Companies." Throughout the pandemic, DR Delicacy continued to be an essential business, providing top-quality ingredients to customers and chefs alike.


Today, DR Delicacy is a well-established company with an office and warehouse in Houston and is the go-to source for exotic produce and top-shelf ingredients for restaurants, customers, and grocery stores like HEB and Central Market. With Diane and her team at the helm, DR Delicacy is constantly seeking out the best and providing top-quality ingredients to chefs and customers, one bite at a time.