Become a Truffle Whisperer

Become a Truffle Whisperer

Posted by d on March 27, 2020

So, you finally got your hands on a black truffle! What are you going to make now? An extravagant tagliatelle that would make your mother weep tears of joy?

Let me let you in on a little secret. Truffle slices are essentially mushroom sprinkles. DR Delicacy founder & CEO Diane Roederer says time and time again, “Truffles are not meant to be cooked.” Literally, all you have to do is slice them raw and sprinkle! As it turns out, this is the perfect ingredient for those of us who are unable to boil an egg because it only requires an IQ of 15.

Before you ruin the black truffle that you earned with your blood, sweat, and tears, here are some recipes (ranked from highest to lowest difficulty) to ensure that you don’t make a complete fool of yourself.

Level One: The Truffle Whisperer (Highest Skill Level)

(You have used truffles before and you’re not afraid. You also may laugh in the face of danger.)

Truffle Risotto – Perhaps long and tedious for some, this idea is perfect for impressing that oh-so-special person in your life, or if you don’t have one of those, just impress yourself over and over again.. Leftovers!

Pro-tip: Use butter.. plenty of butter..

Level Two: The Mushroom Magnet (Intermediate Difficulty)

(Sometimes you flip your pancakes in the air)

Steak – Choose your favorite cut. Cook it until it looks like you want it to. Salt. Pepper. Garlic. Boom. Steak. Just sprinkle your truffles and you’re done!

* Pro-tip: Let your steak sit out until it reaches room temperature before cooking to ensure even heat distribution.

Level Three: The Microwave-Savior
(You’re quite literary because your food comes in microwave bags.)

90 second Rice – Make rice. Add truffle slices.

* Pro tip: Eat it out of an actual plate if you’re in your robe but still want to feel classy.

Another pro-tip: 90 seconds can be confusing when you’re punching the time into the microwave. Truth be told, it is actually just a minute and thirty seconds.

Level 4: The 5 Minute Hero
(You are just so good at making cup-o-noodles… and eating out.)

Toast - Get bread that you like. Make sure the bread does not have mold. Hardest part: Toast the bread. Put butter on the bread. Slice the truffle. Sprinkle the truffle slices on the bread.

There you go! You're now a truffle whisperer. Check us out on Instagram for photos of our truffles.