Second Servings, Houston's #1 Food Rescue Organization

Second Servings, Houston's #1 Food Rescue Organization

March 27, 2020

Let’s imagine you’re hosting a remarkable event like a wedding or symposium. No matter how thoughtfully you prepare the dishes, chances are you’ll still have leftovers. If you only have a few servings, it is easy. You can eat them for the next couple of days. The real issue happens when you have larger portions that risk being wasted. This is especially a problem when you consider that 31% of available food is going to waste while 1 in 5 people are facing food insecurity in Harris County.

Seeing the potential to redirect the perfectly edible surplus away from landfills, Second Servings of Houston was founded in 2014. Their mission is to alleviate hunger and reduce waste by rescuing excess prepared and perishable food from hotels, caterers, sports venues, distributors, retailers, and other regulated food businesses. Then they promptly deliver these portions to approved charitable meal sites. They provide containers for food, schedule pickups and distribute at no charge.

At DR Delicacy, we jumped at the opportunity to partner with an organization that is helping Houstonians in our own backyard. Not only do we hope to contribute food surplus from our events, but we have partnered with Second Servings for our annual event, The Truffle Masters.

Our CEO Diane Roederer especially admires Second Servings and their founder Barbara Bronstein for taking on the challenge of processing perishable food. “We know what it’s like to deal with perishable food, it’s a challenge we’re facing every day.” says Roederer.

Second Servings is about to wrap up their fourth and most successful year. They rescued one million pounds of fresh, wholesome produce. They received the help of over 175 regulated food businesses such as sports venues, hotels and manufacturers. This allowed them to reach 62 charitable venues and have real effect on the 135,000 Houstonians struggling with hunger each day. We are thrilled to support this meaningful organization by benefiting in 2019 The Truffle Masters on January 28th, 2019. To make direct contributions to Second Servings, please click here.