Truffle Lady

Truffle Lady

March 27, 2020

The excitement of my work is the constant global hunt for the best sources of unique and spectacular food items. I work directly with growers and purveyors on four different continents, and take special pride in delivering to chef’s kitchen, a selection of perfect truffles that were in the ground halfway across the globe just a few days earlier.

Every item I offer my products, whether it be caviar, mushrooms or truffles, it represents not only the culmination of my hunt for the best possible sources, but an important ongoing relationship with a person who knows his or her product intimately and shares my commitment to providing only the best. I hunt the best.

I was named for the Greek Goddess of the Hunt and grew up in France learning to hunt, as well as gun safety and lifelong lessons in conservation, at the heels of my father and grandfather.

In retrospect, it seems almost ordained that when I accompanied my father to an exotic game ranch in West Texas, as a young woman, I would fall in love with the place and eventually help develop it into one of the top such retreats in the nation. Although I interned at one of the largest truffle distributors in Italy while I was in college, it was after a hunt in Spain a few years ago where I found my first truffle – the second time my life pivoted on a single hunt.

The logo that represents my company today, is my family crest, in honor of the spirit of adventure and excellence instilled by my family in so many wonderful ways. I added “Delicacy “ to my initials to represent the variety of specialty items I offer, and continue to seek beyond the glorious Black Truffles and White Truffles that have built my company.

But it seems that every time foodies and/or chefs gather – I am known as “The Truffle Lady.”

After a couple of years of gently reintroducing myself and the name of my company. I have finally embraced what a compliment this is to myself and my business.

Yes, it’s possible to get truffles from other sources – but no one else brings to Texas the quality, variety and freshness I have worked so hard to establish and maintain.

I am “The Truffle Lady.”

Feel free to call me by the name my father chose, the one I have worked hard to establish for my business – or “The Truffle Lady.”

I’ll continue to work diligently and creatively to honor all three.