Four Layers Caviar Dip

Four Layers Caviar Dip

Posted by KB Table Kelli Bunch on May 19, 2021

This caviar terrine is my new favorite appetizer! Perfect for a celebration or special event or just because we are meeting with friends again. This recipe is from an old @foodandwine magazine with a few extra additions.

Ingredients for 12 Guests:

6 chopped hard-boiled eggs

1 cup of shallot, green or red onions (your choice)

6oz whipped cream cheese

6oz creme fraiche

1/3 cup chopped fresh chives or capers (your choice)

4oz  Black Caviar: budget friendly Bowfin or Higher Grade

1 bag of chip or other options are: Plantain, Bagel, Pita, Toast, Blini, Cracker, Baguette or just Caviar Spoons!

Layer 1: Mix chopped eggs with 4 oz cream cheese and 4 oz creme fraiche

Grease a 6” ring mold with cooking spray. Spoon and press the egg mixture on bottom

Layer 2: Spread shallots or onions

Layer 3: Mix the chives or capers with the rest of the cream cheese and creme fraiche. Layer on top of the shallots or onions

Layer 4: Finish by adding gently the Caviar

Refrigerate for at least 2 hours

Unmold onto a serving plate and serve with the chips of your choice or just with caviar spoons

You can serve directly in your choice container if you don’t have a ring mold.