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The Secret to Buying Saffron

Not too many substances are literally worth more than their weight in gold. Of the most expensive substances in the world, we find a unique spice, saffron. Iranian & Spanish saffron, in particular, are highly regarded which poses a real issue when unsuspecting individuals are duped into purchasing fake saffron.

Saffron comes from the filament portion of the Crocus sativus flower. The high price of saffron comes from the cost of harvesting, and removing this unique filament, but the flower itself is not difficult to grow. About 150 flowers are needed to make one gram of dried saffron. After the flower filaments are extracted, it takes two months of being kept in an airtight container away from the light, for saffron gives off its unique flavor. This flavor will keep for around 2 years.

Like cilantro, many people experience saffron in a different way. It has been described as semi-sweet, smoky, mushroomy and even floral or citrus-like by those who enjoy it. You may discover that saffron is commonplace in dishes like paella, risotto, pilaf, and bouillabaisse. Generally, only a pinch is needed in dishes that serve 4-6 people which is convenient due to its high price! A common mistake of foodies is picking up discounted saffron which is never the real thing. If you tried saffron and despised it deeply, you may want to ask yourself if you know for certain that it is genuine. The adulteration of saffron in its inauthentic form can be found in many grocery stores.

If you are wary of your saffron's authenticity, it can be solved in the kitchen with one simple hack: simply place the saffron in a cup of water. The water should turn a yellowy-orange hue & the saffron that is removed should be the same color as before. Another way to check for quality is to verify that the tips of the saffron are frayed as the filaments of the Crocus sativus are.

When you have verified that your pinch of saffron is of the utmost quality, get the most out of it! This can be done by soaking the saffron it in warm water or white wine before use. Not only will this help the saffron taste be more pronounced, but it will also distribute the taste more evenly throughout the dish.

We stay stocked with plenty quality saffron which you can find in our online store. If you are interested in exploring the taste of saffron I highly recommend our high-quality saffron which will never be confused as less than the pristine seasoning that you seek.

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