Clams in Brine (Almejas al Natural)

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Introducing Clams in Brine - A Taste of Galicia, Spain!

Transport yourself to the enchanting shores of Galicia with every bite of our sought-after Clams in Brine (almejas al natural). Plump clams, carefully handpicked from the sea, are cooked and packed in water and salt to preserve the true essence of their fresh catch.

The highest quality food nature has to offer is now available in a tin, ready to elevate your dining experience. Serve these succulent clams with a spritz of lemon beside a cold lager, and imagine yourself in a Spanish plaza, basking in the late afternoon sun.

Experience the transportive nature of the finest flavors from Galicia. Don't miss out on the chance to savor Clams in Brine - a true culinary delight that's hard to keep in stock due to its irresistible allure!