Les Anis de Flavigny Anise Candy

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Savor this distinctly spicy, fresh flavored original, and best-selling Anis de Flavigny flavor of candy made with natural Anise extract and green aniseed coated with delicate layers of sugar. Carefully covered in thin layers of delicate flavors, this original French mint comes in a portable tin of anise candy perfect for enjoying on the go! Note that these candies are tough, so make sure not to bite!

Anis de Flaviginy is an authentic French anise candy brand established in the small village of Flavigny. Anise candy has a long history dating back to the early 700s when the benedictine monks of the abbey of Flavigny started making this delicacy, and Les Anis de Flavigny has been using the same recipe since its foundation in 1591! (Yes, that’s not a typo!) This French brand follows a straightforward formula of 3-4 ingredients starting with anise seeds, beet sugar harvested in Northern France, and natural flavors of lemon, mint, ginger, anise aroma, rose aroma blackcurrants, and oranges. With more than four centuries of experience, Anis de Flavigny is one of the oldest brands in France that will bring vibrant flavors with rich history and natural ingredients.


  • Ingredients: Sugar, Natural flavoring, Green aniseed
  • Product Weight: 1.7 oz. (50g)
  • Product of France

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