Lobster In A Pool Meal Kit By Chef David Skinner

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Chef David Skinner has prepared a exquisite meal that is sure to delight all who try it. Butter- Poached Lobster over Corn Butter with Spinach and Potato Gratin Dauphines or "Lobster In A Pool," I a simple dish that can become an extravagant experience. 

Serving Size 4 People

Kit will include;

1 pack of Potato Gratin Dauphinois (4 per pack)

1- 1lb bag of Maine Lobster claws and knuckles

1- 8.8 oz container of butter

1- 1.5lb bag of spinach 

1- small packet of Fleur de Sel (Salt) 


For an additional garnish, you can add 1 oz of Smoked Trout roe or 1oz of Bowfin to your meal. 

Check out the youtube & blog link for the complete list of ingredience and cooking instructions:

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