Mushroom Elixir

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This aptly named elixir of morels or porcini works pure magic in the kitchen. It is a distillation of morels or porcini, delicately seasoned, which adds a heady whiff of the tasty and rare mushroom to a broad range of dishes.

Unlike widely available truffle and porcini oils, which are made with artificial flavorings, the elixir of morels or porcini is all natural, made from carefully selected morels and the finest regional ingredients. This elixir brings an otherwise hard-to-find ingredient within reach of home chefs, giving them a simple way to add depth, complexity, and sophistication to meals prepared at home.

  • It can be used to deglaze, marinate, and flambe meat, poultry, and fish dishes and to subtly perfume risottos, soups, and purees.
  • The taste is concentrated because the alcohol used to macerate the morels evaporates upon cooking, leaving the full, rich, earthy, and slightly smoky taste of morels or porcini.
  • Just add one tablespoonful per person at the end of cooking, stir and serve. 

Product of France