Sweet Corn Ravioli

Sweet corn ravioli with Maitake clusters and Lobster escabeche

1 pack frozen DR Delicacy sweet corn and caramelized onions raviolis

1 jar DR Delicacy clarified truffle butter

2 pack DR Delicacy fresh maitake mushrooms

1 lb DR Delicacy raw lobster meat

2 tbsp heavy cream

16 oz dashi or any kind of clear stock

Escabeche pickling liquid

1st part:

8oz rice vinegar or apple cider vinegar

2oz sugar

2oz salt

1 tsp coriander seed

1tsp fennel seed

2oz fresh mint

Part deux:

1 whole carrot finely chiffonade

4 whole breakfast radishes finely chiffonade

Part three:

1oz honey

1oz lime juice

1tbsp fish sauce


Place raviolis in boiling pot of water until they float. In a sauce pan heat up truffle butter until it starts to brown at which point add raviolis and cook together for a few seconds, add cream and emulsify.

Poach lobster in dashi or stock of choice for 3 mins then place in safe tray and refrigerate to chill. do Not cook longer since we will cook again in pickling stage.

First part of pickling, add all ingredients and bring to a boil or until sugar and salt dissolve.

Second part of pickling, pour hot liquid over crispy carrots and radishes and chilled lobster then cover immediately and chill. This technique pickles and ferments the product as it chills to give it a very crunchy but intense pickling flavor.

Part three: once cold, strain then mix with part three ingredients and serve.