Paddlefish Caviar

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DR Delicacy’s Paddlefish Caviar is a delectable and unique caviar made from the highest grade of sustainable Paddlefish. These glossy silver-grayish pearls are firm and burst with a robust and earthy flavor. They have a rich taste and are often referred to as the first-timer's caviar. The roe can slightly be smaller than most caviars, but their platinum aura and creamy taste make them stand out.

Product Characteristics:

  • Color: Light gray to a chalky black
  • Flavor: Robust and earthy flavor with a creamy taste
  • Profile: Rich taste with a nice platinum aura
  • Texture: Firm pearls bursting with a full pop
  • Pairings: Blinis, crème fraiche, chives, white onion, champagne, vodka

DR Delicacy’s Paddlefish Caviar is a versatile caviar that can be used in many different dishes. It's perfect as an appetizer on blinis or paired with crème fraiche and chives. Classic garnishes like white onion and chopped egg whites and yolks can be used to enhance its flavors. It is best-served ice cold and should be tasted with the tongue to avoid loss of flavor. It is recommended to use mother-of-pearl or ivory spoons instead of silverware to prevent any metallic flavors. Vodka is a traditional Russian pairing that complements the caviar perfectly, and champagne can be used to refresh the palate when served as part of a recipe involving cream or butter.

The shelf life is an average of 2-3 months. After opening, this caviar should be consumed within three days.

1 oz jar or upon request larger tin.