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Our Story

DR Delicacy is owned and operated by French-born, food enthusiast. Diane Roderer. Born and raised in Strasbourg, France, Diane founded the company in December 2014 to import and distribute the fresh truffles she grew up eating and cooking with from Spain.

Today DR Delicacy specializes in importing truffles from all around the world, year-round to Houston. DR’s offerings now including some of the finest of foods from around the World including the USA and Texas. From their Russian Osetra caviar to their luxurious, seasonal white and black truffles & more, DR Delicacy offers both the home and professional chefs an opportunity to incorporate the finest ingredients to their recipes.

DR Delicacy specializes in the rare and sought-after goods with an emphasis on Fresh Products that make meals stand apart. Recently added to the floor of retail giant Central Market, clients now have the opportunity to buy these rarities at an even higher level of accessibility and freshness. DR Delicacy ranks as Houston’s premier Fresh fine food retailer, selling its refined products online and in specialty stores.


Diane Roederer is a savvy businesswoman with an impressive track record in a range of diverse industries. Born and raised in Strasbourg, France, Diane currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of the Houston-based company, DR Delicacy. Diane founded the company in 2014 to import and distribute fresh truffles from around the world. Today DR Delicacy ranks as Houston's premier truffle retailer, selling its products online and in specialty stores.

Diane's career in the food industry bloomed from a 2013 truffle hunt in Spain. There, her life as an avid outdoors person and hunter sparked a new passion. Diane’s world travels and work history give her a unique business perspective. After traveling the world with her family as a young girl, she made the most of her college years by interning with supermarket giant SASM (Societe Alsacienne de Supermarches), French insurance company, AGF (Assurances Generales de France) and Italian truffle exporter, Urbani Tartuffi.

After graduating with a degree in international business and marketing, Diane partnered with a firm in 1991 as an international marketing consultant. While accompanying her father on a hunt at Indianhead Ranch in Del Rio, Texas, Diane was offered a position overseeing business and marketing operations for Indianhead Ranch. She served as the Vice President, helping it grow in just two decades to one of the top three exotic game ranches in the nation. In 2009, Diane founded Indianhead Expeditions to expand hunting destinations for Indianhead Ranch patrons. She is an honorary member of Les Dames d’Escoffier International and Chairman of the Safari Club International Foundation Marketing Committee.


The excitement of my work is the constant global hunt for the best sources of unique and spectacular food items. I work directly with growers and purveyors in several continents to acquire exquisite truffle selections. A special sense of pride comes from delivering perfect truffles to chefs' kitchens that were in the ground halfway across the world only a few days earlier.

Every item we provide is a delicacy, they represents not only the culmination of my hunt for the best possible resources but an important ongoing relationship with a supplier who knows their product intimately. These individuals share my commitment to providing only the best. I hunt the best!

A Growing Legacy

With Houston’s upscale food industry exploding, Diane could not have picked a better time to launch drdelicacy.com, a specialty food importer of black and white truffles from around the world. Within a year of opening, she expanded the ingredients she offers to both chefs and specialty food customers.

More than Just a Logo

The logo of DR Delicacy is Diane's family crest in honor of the spirit of adventure and excellence instilled by her family in so many wonderful ways. She added “Delicacy “ to her initials (D.R.) to represent the variety of specialty items she offers and continues to seek. Today the company ventures beyond the glorious black truffles and white truffles that originally built DR Delicacy.