MEET Our Team

Diane Roederer

CEO & Owner

In 2013, Diane hunted for truffles on an expedition in Spain. That was when she decided, officially, that this would be her next venture. Returning to Texas, she greeted several chefs by asking them to open a sizable box filled with truffles. As the smell of glorious truffles entered their senses, strong culinary bonds were forged and Diane was coined 'The Truffle Lady.'
Today, Diane is well on her way to creating an empire of delicacies. She enjoys seeking out the best of the best and providing top shelf ingredients to chefs in the process.
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David Menendez

Product Manager

David's extensive knowledge of French & Italian cuisine makes him an asset to any culinary team, but we're glad he's on ours! Starting as our Product Manager in 2017, David has ensured that we only provide top quality ingredients.

Claudia McNeill

Sales Associate

Claudia, an old friend of Diane's, became personally interested in DR Delicacy in the spring of 2017. Her willingness to do whatever it takes is what sets Claudia apart. She is most excited about the expansion of the company.

Jaklyn Soler

Sales & Marketing Associate

Jaklyn started working at DR Delicacy in June 2017. Today she processes orders, handles the website, & organizes marketing efforts. She loves having the opportunity to proactively do something new each day.  

Edgar Navarette

Part-Time Distribution

Edgar began working with us in the summer of 2017 alongside David. You know when Edgar is in the building because you will hear music playing and laughter. He brings a positive attitude to every project that he works on.

Harry Cagle


It's easy to see why we work well with Harry. He makes our office a brighter place just by being in it. We're glad to have such a positive attitude interfacing with customers. Thanks Harry!

Karim Sanchez

Information Technology

At the blink of an eye, Karim saves the day. Whether the server is down or the internet just gives up, Karim swoops in and helps us at a moment's notice. Kind and informative, he is exactly the IT guy you need to solve any conundrum.


Sofia Casar

Interim Web Design

Already familiar with web design material, such as HTML and CSS coding, Sofia helped us develop pieces of our website in the summer of 2017. She enjoyed learning about our products & history along the way.

Phaedra Cook

Guest Writer

Editor & publisher of Houston Food Finder, Phaedra is a wise one to go to on all things food, especially in Houston. We have had the pleasure of featuring her writing on our blog. Click here to see some of her posts.


Gloria Ferrer


More on Gloria Ferrer Coming Soon 



Bringing Jamón ibérico to Texas, Acornseekers' iberian pigs are allowed to roam freely, consuming up to 15 pounds of acorns per day. Not only does this product meat that is delicious, but also nutritious. 

Stevens Group

Special Events

When Houston's restaurants & gourmands need publicity, they turn to Melissa Stevens. Her team and reputation are tried and true and she acquires exactly the publicity that her clients require.

Roxor Artisan Gin


More on Roxor Gin Coming Soon



A once small family-owned cannery became an internationally renowned company. The spirit of innovation that Rougié encompasses allows individuals to use gourmet quality foie gras to create high quality dishes wherever they are.



Sasanian's renowned caviar is packed fresh in their State-of-the-art Facility. They maintain exquisite internationally selected caviar for clients to enjoy. Sasanian Caviar (Caviar & Caviar) is highly sought after amongst leading culinary authorities.



Sturia caviar is made in accordance with traditional expertise: the grains are carefully hand-sieved, washed in clean water, mixed with salt and tinned. Then it is matured naturally in their maturation rooms until perfect.



Kaviari has acquired a unique expertise on wild Iranian caviar. Each step in the caviar process is closely monitored by specialists. Their exclusive knowledge allows us to work today with the best sturgeon farms around the world. 

Gerard & Dominique


Made with only the freshest natural ingredients from the Northwest, Gerard & Dominique products are carefully hand-filleted and smoked by chef Dominique Place according to old-world traditions.

Lonestar Lobster


By vertically integrating to the docks in Maine and Canada we’ve been able to source and supply Texas and surrounding markets with some of the freshest and heartiest lobsters it has ever seen.

Ravenscroft Crystal


Ravenscroft Crystal combines the qualities of old-world European craftsmanship with a modern understanding of how the shape of a wine glass can significantly enhance the tasting experience.



In October of 2017 we partnered with UberEATS to deliver our delicacies to our customers directly. Our customers can have caviar, truffles and fresh handmade pasta delivered straight to their door.