Black Diamonds Truffles 

Enjoy Houston's First and Only Dark Chocolate Truffle made with Fresh Truffles Imported by DR Delicacy


DR Delicacy partnered with Houston's family-owned chocolate company, Mostly Chocolate, to create a Dark Chocolate Truffle infused with Fresh Truffle Ganache, layered with pieces of Fresh Truffles and enrobed in Black Lava Sea Salt, giving you
Black diamonds Truffles
Bon appetit
The Truffle Lady
Diane Roederer


DR Delicacy specializes in importing truffles from around the world, year-round to Houston. DR’s offerings now including some of the finest of foods from around the world including the USA and Texas. From their Russian Osetra caviar to their luxurious, seasonal white and black truffles & more, DR Delicacy offers both home and professional chefs an opportunity to incorporate the finest ingredients to their recipes.

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