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Boudin Blanc - White Sausage

Boudin Blanc - White Sausage

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Dufour's boudin blanc sausage is a versatile and fully cooked option that adds depth and richness to any meal. Whether it's a special occasion, holiday party, or appetizer for guests to share, this sausage is the perfect addition to many recipes. To reheat, simply remove the casing (optional) and brown the boudin in a sauté pan with butter. It's a delicious complement to dishes like mashed potatoes or celery root purée, and best of all, Dufour’s sausage is all-natural, with no added artificial ingredients, preservatives, or nitrites/nitrates..

Origin: USA

Ingredients: pork, milk, egg, cream, port wine, pepper, and nutmeg.

A pack includes 4 links (avg weight 1 lb).

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