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Distillerie du Perigord

Mushroom Elixir

Mushroom Elixir

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This mushroom elixir, aptly named for its use of morels or porcini, is a kitchen staple capable of pure magic. A delicate distillation, it adds a heady, natural aroma to a variety of dishes. Unlike common truffle and porcini oils, which use artificial flavors, this elixir is crafted expertly with handpicked ingredients, making it the perfect tool for home chefs looking to elevate their meals. Ideal for deglazing, marinating, and even flambeing meats and fish, this concentrated elixir also adds depth and sophistication to risottos, soups, and purees. Simply add one tablespoon per person at the end of cooking for a full, rich, and earthy taste.

Origin: France

Net weight: 6.8 oz.

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